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Meyer & Njus Collections - Reporting & Technology

Customized Reporting
We understand your need for comprehensive reporting. We can customize our reporting to accommodate your needs. Defined by your organization, reporting can be done daily, weekly and monthly based on account number, debtor name, or other metrics.

  • Remittance Reports
  • Cost Reports
  • Status Reports
  • Batch Track Report
  • Interest Calculation

As Technology Advances - Meyer & Njus Advances

Realizing the value of technology and its potential to help clients manage legal costs, Meyer & Njus determined long ago to keep ahead of the technology curve. In a profession where precision or speed can make all the difference, our clients deserve every advantage. As our client, you will gain that advantage immediately. And you can rest assured we will do whatever it takes to remain at the forefront in using technology to advance your interests.

In addition to our experienced staff, Meyer & Njus invested in state-of-the-art collection software that provide us with the ability to access information critical to contacting and locating borrowers; to evaluate and improve collection performance; and to gather, organize, and report information for clients. Receipt of payment, remittance and reporting to our client is quick and easy via electronic transfer systems.

On-line capabilities for all collection, accounting and legal functions provide each of our offices with immediate access to file histories and up-to-the minute information. Since all of our departments are linked, a file can easily be routed through the necessary procedures.

Our files are highly secure from interference, intrusion, or interception. In the case of computer crisis, we use a series of back-up programs that ensure no file is ever lost or deleted.

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