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Meyer & Njus Collections - The Total Solution

Meyer & Njus combines the best elements of a collection agency - heavy phone activity, skip tracing and asset locating - with the power of a law firm. With more than 80 years of combined experience in collections, we understand the issues that are important to you - efficient and cost-effective recovery on past-due accounts. That means we use the tried and true methods of telephone and letter collections. The advantage of using a law firm for this method of recovery is that it makes it less likely will need to use the legal tools to enforce and collect judgments. Our experience demonstrates that debtors respond more quickly to collection efforts conducted by law firms.

Under the leadership of firm co-founder and CEO, James Njus, the firm has grown to more than 45 staff members. Our presence is found throughout Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and we have access to a nationwide network of attorneys who provide our clients with thorough, complete and comprehensive representation.

Our objective is to help your business remain competitive not only by high net recovery, but also helping you manage related issues. We help our clients manage the growing trend of FCRA, FDCPA and other debtor-initiated claims brought against creditors in federal, state and small-claims courts litigation.

The Legal Advantage

As a law firm, Meyer & Njus has the unique ability to produce pre-litigation recoveries, similar to a collection agency, and we can supplement those efforts with time and effective judicial enforcement. Our experience means we know when to access the court system and when not to access the court system. We understand that every day matters when measuring how well your accounts receivable are managed. Getting rid of an extra layer speeds up the process. Over time, you can count on better metrics.

Experience, Skill & Resources

Our state-of-the-art collections system combined with our experience allows us greater management and control over the collection process, payment collection and remittance, client management, and reporting to you.

Meyer & Njus has more than 80 years of combined experience in legal collections. We maintain an experienced collections staff that is well trained and consistently monitored.

With offices in Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin, we offer a nationwide footprint by serving as the central source for referrals to other attorneys across the country. Our clients use our firm for nationwide collections and litigation.


We perform our job with a high degree of integrity and professionalism, knowing that today's debtors may be tomorrow's most profitable customers. We understand the topic of past-due monies is sensitive and that the ability to create a workable recovery situation is in the best interest of the debtor and ourclient. We are committed to the standards set forth in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. All of our activity is guided by the premise that debtors are customers and must be treated with respect.

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