Consumer Bankruptcy

In today’s volatile and uncertain economy, more and more consumers are financially strapped. Meyer & Njus has helped countless consumers manage and resolve their debt problems.

Bankruptcy is one option to consider, but it is not the only option. We are skilled and successful at negotiating with creditors to help our clients restructure debt and start payment plans. This is the best way to reestablish good credit.

If bankruptcy is the best solution for you, Meyer & Njus guides you through the complex bankruptcy process.

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy — is either initiated by the consumer or by the creditors seeking to have the consumer’s remaining non-exempt assets distributed among the creditors. The consumer is then discharged from further obligation to those creditors.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy — involves restructuring and reorganizing the consumer’s debt structure.

If you find yourself drowning in debt, there is a solution for your financial problems. Meyer & Njus can help you find the right solution. For a confidential consultation contact Meyer & Njus today at or call our main office at 612.341.2181. Meyer & Njus gives you The Legal Advantage.