Consumer Litigation

Unfortunately, not all businesses are legitimate or ethical. Some businesses are simply in over their heads financially and run into problems keeping their business afloat. Whatever their intentions, innocent consumers often fall victim to illegal business practices. Meyer & Njus has been helping hundreds of consumers solve their personal legal problems for nearly 30 years.

The attorneys at Meyer & Njus help individuals resolve disputes with their insurance companies, creditors, landlords, employers, or any person or business involved in their dispute. Insurance companies don’t always pay legitimate claims when they should. Landlords don’t always abide by the lease agreement. Employers don’t always treat their employees within the bounds of the law. Creditors don’t always follow the laws regarding debt collection. And with the proliferation of the Internet, we live in the age in which consumer fraud is running rampant. Telemarketers are taking advantage of vulnerable populations. Identities are being stolen, which damage the credit of many innocent consumers.

The attorneys at Meyer & Njus are problem solvers and have helped hundreds of people resolve consumer-related problems through negotiation or litigation. For a free, confidential consultation contact Meyer & Njus today at or call our main office at 612.341.2181. Meyer & Njus gives you The Legal Advantage.