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Constitutional Law

The United States Constitution
Statute of Liberty in New York City

We provide a variety of services in connection with constitutional law matters, including assisting individual organizations in pursuing constitutional claims against various government bodies, ranging from local use of government to city, county, state, and federal government bodies.

Major constitutional law achievements by attorneys in the firm include the following*:

  • Class action litigation on behalf of vehicle drivers who were unconstitutionally assessed traffic tickets without due process of law;
  • Setting aside provisions of the state law imposing penalties upon pet owners without adequate legal safeguards;
  • Achieving a large settlement for an elected public official who was removed from office without due process;
  • Abolishing imposition of sales taxes and other charges against religious publications, such as the Bible and other religious tracts and books;
  • Invalidating the penalties imposed upon student newspaper and its editors for publications critical of school administrators;
  • Upholding the rights of citizens for access to government documents and attendance and meetings of government units;
  • Upholding the right of an individual to consult with a spiritual advisor without disclosures of the counseling;
  • Striking down state legislation that violates the Minnesota constitutional provision requiring single subject in all legislation;
  • Representing organizations in invalidating laws restricting pet ownership; and
  • Variety of other constitutional law matters under federal and state constitutions.

*Past results are reported to provide the reader with an indication of the type of litigation we practice. They do not and should not be construed to create an expectation of result in any other case, as all cases are dependent upon their own unique fact situation and applicable law.

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