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Health Care Licensing

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We provide legal assistance to individuals engaged in medical and health fields and other professions dealing with legal licensing issues and defending them when their livelihood is threatened by licensing boards.

As licensing boards have become more aggressive in responding to complaints by the public and former employers, the law firm has responded by providing assistance and counsel to professionals dealing with discipline before licensing boards and other agencies.  The law firm and its members have represented physicians, nurses, psychologists, dentists, pharmacists, emergency medical technicians (EMT), and other professionals in a wide range of medical and health-related matters, as well as other professionals, such as accountants and attorneys.

The principal individuals with the law firm who work in this area include Marshall H. Tanick, who has had broad experience in representing professionals before a variety of licensing boards; and Teresa J. Ayling, a former nurse, whose work is focused on assisting medical and health professionals in licensing issues and related matters.

The work consists of participating in investigations and providing representation in investigative interviews; preparing written responses to inquiries; representing license professionals at proceedings before various licensing boards.

The representation before licensing boards includes attempts to have claims dismissed or settled.  Professional representation can be provided at an administrative hearing and judicial appeals, if necessary.

The law firm also responds to inquiries on licensing renewal forms and credentialing matters.  In sum, clients call upon the law firm for the following assistance:

  • Health professional and other licensed individuals concerned about potential reporting to licensing board;
  • Providing guidance in the investigatory process by responding to subpoenas; document requests; and investigative interviews.
  • Drafting written responses to inquiries from board and notices of conferences;
  • Representing clients at conferences before licensing boards;
  • Attempting to negotiate resolution of matters that are not dismissed at conference proceedings;
  • Defending clients at administrative hearings that go beyond the conference stage; and
  • Advising clients in responding to licensing renewals and credentialing inquiries.

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