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Our attorneys provide a variety of services for individuals in connection with education-related matters. The firm’s lawyers serve administrators at public and private colleges and universities, public and private schools from K- 12; professional education organizations and charter schools. The firm also supplies representation to teachers and other educators at those facilities.

Additionally, the law firm represents students, as well as their parents, in connection with various matters involving school law, ranging from student discipline to abuse, harassment and other wrongful behavior and injuries.

Many of the education-related matters involve employment issues, particularly for administrators, faculty and other educators.  Those matters include tenure at colleges and universities; employment severance arrangements; leaves of absence; termination and other disciplinary matters, and professional licensure issues.

Some of the firm’s successful matters have included:

  • Preventing expulsion for a female dental student from the University of Minnesota;
  • Barring expulsion of a second year law student in St. Paul;
  • Obtaining multi-year severance arrangement for faculty member at Macalester College;
  • Obtaining overturning of denial of tenure for theater arts faculty member at a private college in Minnesota;
  • Preventing dismissal of a state college professor as president of a faculty union;
  • Successful reinstatement of high school soccer player ruled ineligible before a championship game;
  • Preventing suspension of a University of Minnesota football player due to a mistake in grade transcript;
  • Settlement for former University of Minnesota football player subject to defamation by college administrator;
  • Obtaining settlement for women’s volley ball coach at a state college in Minnesota; and
  • Representation of other athletic coaches at high school, college and recreational levels in various sports, including football, basketball, softball, swimming, hockey and tennis.

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