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Pet Law

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Dog in wilderness setting

We provide services to individuals in connection with ownership of domestic pets, including dogs and cats.

The representation includes individuals and organizations dealing with the following matters:

  • Pet owners seeking challenging government regulations of their pet ownership, including limitation laws and zoning matters;
  • Representation of owners of dogs who have been involved in bites or other altercations and are facing disciplinary sanctions;
  • Representation of individuals who have been injured by a dog or other animal;
  • Representation of organizations in connection with municipal pet laws and regulations; and
  • A variety of other pet-related matters.

Some of the law successes in pet representation include the following:

  • Obtaining trial court ruling restricting municipalities from limiting a number of pets in households;
  • Successfully overturning Minnesota law allowing “breed specific prohibitions or limitations against specific breeds of dogs, leading to enactment of Minnesota law preventing “breed specific” measures;
  • Successful representation of an individual whose dog was about to be euthanized due to two incidents that occurred when the dog was provoked by an inebriated individual; and
  • Overturning Minnesota law that allowed sanctions on pet owners facing accusations without adequate due process hearings.

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